Test Tubes and Time Travel

With a mysterious visitor from the year 2164 as your guide, take a walk around the city of Bath.

With a mysterious visitor from the year 2164 as your guide, take a tour around the City of Bath with this ​location-based digital walk and discover more about the scientific pioneers from the City whose work laid the foundations for the greatest invention of all time.

In 2164 the first Time Travel Agency opened in Bath after centuries of scientific innovation.

Test Tubes and Time Travel takes you through the extraordinary untold worlds of Bath’s scientific superheroes in an immersive location-based digital theatrical walking tour of the city. Forget what they told you at school and take a trip with the first English Scientist to make imaginative leaps and experimental bounds through 1,000 years of Bathonian breakthroughs.

You decide the route on this free walking tour of the City of Bath as you visit locations around the city centre and unlock videos that reveal the stories behind historic scientific pioneers, meet some of the scientists and engineers working in Bath today and decode the puzzle to reveal the true identity of your mystery travel guide.

Test Tubes and Time Travel was created by award-winning Bath-based arts company Kilter and the University of Bath.


How it works

This location-based digital walk is a self-guided tour of the City of Bath where participants can unlock Test Tubes and Time Travel content on their phones at specific locations across the City. The platform is completely free, requires no download and can be accessed on a smartphone’s web browser. Once on the platform, you are guided to the interactive map showcasing all available pins across Bath as well as your current location. Through walking around Bath, content can be unlocked by being close to a pin on the map. Unlocking these pins allows you to view Test Tube and Time Travel films.


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Date: 01/10/2022
Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm
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